my weekend in auckland (in a nutshell)

I was up at Auckland over the weekend primarily because I was to meet up with Cindy C, spend the night at her place, so we can both go out on Sunday midday to pick up a friend from the Auckland International Airport. I had planned on killing time at Ms. Kaladkarin’s place but apparently, they were off to a party somewhere in the suburbs. So instead of leaving  me alone at their place (which would have been fine, I would have post processed some photos to keep me busy), they decided to take me with them. Gate crasher alert! Hahahaha!

lechonThey had so much food at the party! It’s so unlike the kiwi parties I’ve gone to in the past. They had a lot of local (Filipino) dishes such as lechon, dinuguan with puto, kaldereta, pancit, kare kare with bagoong, some creamy chicken dish which was yummy, several sushi platters, one giant steamed crayfish, rice, several salads, cakes, flans, brownies, donuts – good lordy! I swear I stuffed myself silly (and even have a photo to prove it). It was so much fun because, even though I was an outsider / intruder, I was still welcomed me with open arms and soon enough, I was already sharing jokes and laughing with some of them.

I had to leave for Botany Downs at 4:00 for a business meeting. Since I didn’t know how to get to Botany Downs, Ms. Kaladkarin drove me there before going on to another party. After completing 2 logos and finishing off a chicken leg at Nando’s Ms. Kaladkarin picked me up and we went back to the party (yes, to eat again). My Saturday would have ended after the party but  Tuxedo Sam invited me for some  drinks  in the Auckland City proper. I had to ask Ms. Kaladkarin to drive me to K-Road because – well – I didn’t know how to get there from Pakuranga.

So there – I met up with Tuxedo Sam at Verona along K-Road, where I stood out like a sore thumb because I was in white and everyone else was in black. Afterwards, we went to the Wine Cellar (still on K-Road) to listen to some music.  I wanted to take pictures of the place but I didn’t know if it was appropriate to do that there, so FS33 stayed in my purse. Called it a night at half past 12:00 and thankfully, Tuxedo Sam knew his way around the city. He managed to get to Ms. Kaladkarin’s in no time at all.

mapThe following day, I had to go to the airport to meet with Cindy C. Luckily, the road to the airport was long – and straight. I didn’t go through many roundabouts (like the one at Panmure) so my trip went well.

Because of all this traveling, I thought it’s time to have my own Auckland street map. I wanted to buy one of the cheap big fold out ones but I was outvoted 2 to 1 (Whitcoulls cashier included), so I got the big fat notebook instead. Oh well, at least now, I can go around Auckland by myself.

Sore feet? A bit because of my high cut hiking boots, but apart from a slight discomfort around my ankles, nothing major, so I’m all good.


Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

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