Fine & Funny Taupo

A few weeks before we officially welcomed the cold icy blasts of winter, mum and I drove down to Taupo, a small lake-side town about 2 hours South of Hamilton, for the weekend. We were to meet up with her partner, Mistah K (not related in any way to Ms. K) who was driving up from Levin, and then we’d all drive back up to Hamilton together the following day. We left on Saturday afternoon, just after we finished all our household chores and got to Taupo at about 8:00pm. Since it was late, we were tired (and hungry) and it was dark – we just opted to stay at the motor inn and rest. Little doggie and I commenced on our walking exploration of Taupo the following day.

Listed below are the things I thought were fine and funny about lovely Taupo.



Taupo is one of New Zealand’s more popular summer destinations. The township is located next to Lake Taupo, the largest freshwater lake in the country and the Southern Hemisphere. On a clear day, nearby mountain ranges (including the North Island’s ski field, Mount Ruapehu) can easily be seen.

can you see the divers?

During the warmer summer months, water-lovers can go swimming, sailing, kayaking, water skiing, fishing and scuba diving whereas those who would rather stay on solid ground have the option of going tramping, biking and walking. The more daring holiday makers can have their adrenalin rush by sky diving, parasailing and even bungee jumping.

Whilst Little Doggie and I were walking around, we came across a couple of things which we – well, I for that matter (cuz Little Doggie couldn’t care less about these) found interesting. No, these are not things that would detract from the beauty that is Taupo. Just little things which I found amusing (funny).


The first of the three (or four) amusing things I saw was this sign. Of course the sign and the warning are of utmost importance. Who would want to fall off a cliff and get injured, right? I just thought the little  icon of the man falling was rather cute. I suppose there’s no easy, light-hearted, eye-catching way of getting the message across. Perhaps the chains that were supposed to keep people away from unkempt vegetation and a view that suddenly drops away from sight are not enough to keep people away. I guess it is better to pepper ‘dangerous’ areas with as much warnings as possible so, if ever someone does manage to get himself into trouble, the town can honestly say that they’ve done everything they can to inform and warn the public.


Next interesting point: Stand here for your webcam shot. Hahahahaha! This sign post was located just across from the District Council office. At first I thought it was a fire evacuation notice (ie: assemble here in case of fire), but upon closer inspection, I found that it’s actually the best place for your webcam shot of Taupo. We were there on a weekend so I had  no way of finding out how one could obtain that ‘webcam shot’. Maybe visitors can go to the office and tell them that they want an image as a souvenir and someone will turn on the webcam for them. Strange. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone just stood across the road and physically took a photo? Oh well. To each his own.


Third interesting point: The location of their cemetery. It was located just a few metres from the town centre itself and, the strange thing about it is that it was flanked on both sides by two posh looking homes. I wouldn’t even dream of staying in a place that is within 10 kms from a cemetery. It just gives me the creeps. But I suppose, if you live next to a graveyard, you can never complain about your neighbours, can you? They’d definitely not make any noise, and if they did – well, it’s definitely time to move out.

Now, if I were to move house I’d really have second thoughts about getting a property anywhere on this road. I’m sure the name is common here in New Zealand but if you can understand the Filipino language, you’d know why this wouldn’t be on my “list of potential places to live”. I’d never be able to tell any Pinoys where I live, all the mail I send back home would probably never reach their destination (the post office people will think I’m joking and chuck my mail in the bin). I’d most likely never ever be able to live it down.


However, I still love the street name. It kicks ass.


Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

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