Earthquakes @ Central NZ

Screen capture from NZ Herald
Screen capture from NZ Herald

Wellington’s been experiencing intermittent jolts since Friday morning – and the shaking hasn’t stopped. The strongest one we’ve felt so far was on Sunday night (at about 10 past 5 in the afternoon). The quake registered 6.5 (some say 6.9) on the Richter Scale, lasted a good 20 seconds (long enough for me to realise I needed to drop cover and hold) and came from a depth of 10km. The epicentre wasn’t at Wellington itself, but at Seddon which is at the upper South Island. The Sunday quake brought some mild damage to the CBD. I saw some as I drove to the city this morning (yes, we are open as usual) – shattered glass and/or concrete slabs on the pavement and broken windows. A few buildings have been cordoned off, and inspectors wearing hi-vis jackets were walking around, assessing the buildings.

The tremors haven’t stopped. I’m glued to geonet at the moment, checking on the magnitude of the quakes, and where these are located (always in the Seddon area). I’m also following several news websites, NZ Herald and Dominion Post. The Dom Post has a video showing 48 hours of Seismic Activity which is quite interesting (and a bit freaky).

Here’s a video I grabbed from Youtube, showing where all the quakes hit:


All’s well here – I had a restless sleep last night (and was jolted awake by a mild tremor at about 3:00 am), but apart from that I’m all good. I’ve prepared my Earthquake Emergency Kit which basically consists of a pair of jeans, a top, a jersey, thermal undies, a few undies, towels and a toiletry kit. I will look into getting some canned goods and leave these in the car or something. Makes me wonder if I should keep an Emergency kit in the car, at work, at home and with me at all times! Yes, Paranoia Alert!

According to reports, the Capital will experience more tremors in the days (possibly weeks) to come. I seriously hope these small ones aren’t precursors to a larger one in the near future. Will fervently pray that the earth settles down – soon.



Author: Viv Phillips

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