Friday Night @ the Capital

I spent a few hours at the Wellington Night Market again yesterday night – it’s become a habit of mine, really. After work, I meander towards the Left Bank on Cuba Mall and go straight towards the little stall that sells Filipino food and hang out with Nanay Girlie and Kuya Tony. I normally have dinner at their stall – for $9.00 I get to have garlic fried rice with two viands. However, last week, I told them that I’ll try the Indian Roti – as it came very highly recommended.

Making my Dinner
Making my Dinner

The chef was gracious enough to allow me to take pictures while he prepared my meal. Still getting used to my new toy so I don’t really know how to rearrange photos (yet) but the image above kinda shows how my dinner came to be – you’ll just have to start from the bottom. 🙂

And may I just add that the Chicken with Peanut Sauce was just … amazing! It was sweet, not spicy and very tasty. It wasn’t the Roti wrap I saw the chef prepare last week, but Kuya Tony said that this one is tastier than that. The Roti wrap only contained vegetables.

After dinner, I stayed around a wee bit longer and even had the chance to turn the pork kebabs on the spit when things got a wee bit busy! I left at about 6:30 pm – didn’t want to leave too late because it was a good 30 minute walk to the train station – but I think I took longer than that last night.

You see, it was exceptionally clear and unusually mild that evening and it was hard to ignore the lights from across the harbour. Good thing I had my camera with me thus I was able to take a few snapshots. Since I didn’t have a tripod and holding the camera steady for more 2 seconds is something I cannot do, I decided to purposely move the camera around to get photos of streaks of light.

Here’s one.

View of Oriental Bay, from Queen's Wharf
View of Oriental Parade, from Queen’s Wharf

The bright image in the centre of the photo – the one that somewhat resembles a house or a building with turrets, is the Catholic Church Monastery of St Gerard on Mount Victoria. The other light works can be seen below.

Still getting the hang of using the camera again – not easy considering I haven’t held it for at least a year, and I don’t have a lot of time to fiddle around with it but I know I’ll get there.

Happy Weekend!


Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

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