My 36 Images

Remember the challenge Craig gave me on Friday? Well, I wasn’t able to take 36 photos on Saturday because, since we had amazingly beautiful weather here in the capital,  The Chew Family and I went to Otaki for the day and explored all the shops. We got home pretty late yesterday evening so I managed to take 1 photo (that’s No. 1 in the gallery below, if you can find it).  So I told myself that, by hook or by crook, I’ll compete the photography challenge today … and complete it I did – just by the skin of my teeth.

You see, this morning, I accompanied Nina around Wellington and Petone as she needed to practice her driving. We spent some time at Petone (they have such a great beachfront!) where we enjoyed the view of Wellington and meandered up and down Jackson Street, admiring the shops. It was while we were walking back to the car that we chanced upon the most beautiful pair of red boots in the whole world, which I simply had to get (as well as a nice bag which I’ll be taking to work tomorrow!). I’ve taken 2 photos of those red boots and one of the bag, if you can find them below.

When we got home, I decided it’s time to complete my assignment. I had to take, I think 33 more photos, so I went around the house taking photos of things that I hold dear and random objects that took my fancy making sure that I followed Craig’s simple instructions: (1) Only 50% of the subject should be seen on the screen, and (2) the orientation should not be horizontal or vertical. Took me a bloody long time to get all 36 – but I did it!

My images are posted below. I’m not sure what Craig will say about them though. (Craig, please be nice.)

Tomorrow, I start on Dave’s assignment / challenge, and that is to take 5 photos at the Waterfront. I’ll have to use my PnS for that though – at least for the first 3 days because the forecast for those days is rain. Hmpft! Besides, Dave didn’t specify that I needed to use my DSLR.  🙂

I know this isn’t a travel-related post but them teaching me how to “see things in a different light” is in preparation for a trip that’s going to happen in about 3 weeks time. Besides, this is still a journey of sorts – a journey to find my own photographic style and creativity.  😉

Have a good week ahead!

Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

7 thoughts on “My 36 Images”

    1. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments when I come back from Holiday. I never thought I could do abstract images. You have to tell me which ones “reek of emotional content”. I hope it’s not the tequila shot. 😀


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