Bis Bald, Basel!

Cooling down by dipping  my feet in the waters of the River Rhine
Cooling down by dipping my feet in the waters of the River Rhine

In about 5 hours I will be, once again, boarding a train and will head off to the 2nd to the last stop of my journey. I’m actually still lounging around in bed, savouring Basel’s atmosphere as much as I can, without having to go out – Basel had a scorcher of a weekend with highs up to 32C! In the last 3 days, I swear I wanted to either just jump into the Rhine or wallow in the cool waters of every fountain I see. It was sooo warm!!! It’s not bad – I know I will miss the warmth once I set foot on NZ soil – it is, after all, the middle of Winter in Aotearoa when I return in a few days.

So … Basel. What’s Roger Federer’s hometown like? Well, the city’s just exactly like it’s most famous citizen – quietly unassuming but definitely packs a wallop. Basel’s not a mainstream tourist-y town which was great. For me, I didn’t have to stand in line to see attractions or jostle my way from one place to the next. You can walk around in silence and admire the scenery in peace.

The city’s quite small – you can wander about on foot (pretty much what I did) and get lost in all the little alleyways and passages. Every time you turn a corner, you are greeted with charming shop fronts or quaint architecture – there’s always a little something waiting for you here in Basel.

So that’s Basel. What I liked most about the city is that you can drink from almost all of the water fountains; and that they don’t put the watches and jewellery away after the store closes. Was able to admire various expensive watches from the window display while walking around at night. Yes, I’m shallow like that.

Anyway … I get back to NZ, and when I find the time, I’ll post more information on and more photos of Basel. Right now, it’s time to prepare for my next destination.

Bis Bald Basel!


Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

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