Wicked Wickets!

On Friday, 20th February 2015, I did the unthinkable. I actually watched a LIVE Cricket Match! And not just any cricket match, mind you — an ICC Cricket World Cup one at that! I know … I know …. What is happening to the world?! First I go on three-day tramps, then I buy tramping shoes (and not high-heeled boots), and now I’m watching a game I thought would be as interesting as watching paint dry. Tsk tsk … but you know what, stranger things have happened so me going to a Cricket match isn’t such a big deal.

Anyhu, going back … yesterday I (well, we because I didn’t go by myself) went to the Wellington Regional Stadium to watch New Zealand play against England in what was expected to be a very interesting match – and boy was it interesting indeed. I think people will be talking about this match for years! I won’t bother going into details because I don’t know the terminology, I am (still) not that familiar with the players, nor the positions they hold (well, apart from batsman, bowler and square leg). If you want to know what happened, just go here, here, here, and here.

Besides, this is a “travel blog” (well, it’s supposed to be one anyway) so there’s no point in giving an in-depth analysis of last night’s game. The reason I’m writing about it is because I want to share a few photos I took while I was at the stadium. Yes, even though I now have other interests, I am still a (very frustrated) photographer at heart.

Photos from yesterday’s match, below:

I actually wanted to take more photos of the Stadium but I didn’t have the chance to explore because the stadium was packed, and the game was over before I even had the chance to warm my seat. Maybe I’ll be able to explore the stadium again someday soon – and have the opportunity to be a bit more snap happy. 🙂

Did I have sore feet on that day? Yeah, because we walked from the Stadium all the way up to Cuba Street. At least I reached my daily quota of 10,000 steps!


Author: Viv Phillips

That's not exactly a flattering image. Eh! Anyway, when I'm not taking photos, I do acrylic painting or write about my adventures (and misadventures) in this wonderful journey called life. :)

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