My Sore Feet was first created because I wanted to write about where I have been; share my adventures and misadventures; provide a bit of trivia; maybe offer sensible travel tips; and perhaps (just perhaps) give reasons why I sometimes have sore feet!

However, what was initially supposed to be a travel blog of sorts has became a living, and breathing journal of a variety of topics. Now, instead of travel stories, the blog now has stories about tramps I’ve been to, photo projects I’ve undertaken, experiments in the kitchen, and a bit of crafty-stuff – and who knows what else. Yeah, I know – it’s become a hodge podge of stuff – but I think I like it that way.

So, even though this blog is no longer about travelling, I’ve decided to keep the title,“My Sore Feet” because, well – the blog is still about going on a journey but instead of being a journey to an exotic location, it’s now all about my journey to self improvement.

Will there be pictures? Yeah, I’ll try to post more photos, and unless otherwise indicated, the images on this site, whether watermarked or not, were all taken by me. I won’t be uploading albums but there’ll be pictures.

Although the focus of the blog  has changed, it’s still the main reason I try to explore someplace new and/or try something different. Marcel Proust said it best, “The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes“.

Many thanks and enjoy reading about my journeys. 🙂


According to the Copyright Council of New Zealand, “Photographs are automatically protected by copyright when the photos are taken“. If you like any of the photos on the site, and want to use it for your own non-commercial purpose, please do send me a note before you use it. Thank you.