Hello Fresh Food Delivery

I don’t know about people who live overseas but here in New Zealand, they have companies who deliver meals straight to your door. No, not fastfood outlets, and not chinese takeaways either. These companies, such as Hello Fresh, deliver almost all the ingredients you need, pre-portioned for 2 or 4 people as per the recipe, to you.

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Zucchini Saturday

Before anything else … what the frink?!

10 years

I can’t believe I’ve been on WordPress for 10 years! Happy Anniversary to me – but to clarify – although I have been on WP for a decade, I have been blogging for more. I started blogging sometime in 2002 or 2003? I can’t remember, but I do remember that I used to blog on blogger. Spent a lot of time there, and then tried other platforms (i can’t remember which ones) until a friend recommended WordPress – and I’ve been here ever since!

Anyway – going back  to Zucchinis …

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Carrot & Walnut Cake

Finally, after 6 years!

I received the recipe for this Carrot and Walnut Cake on 11 December 2012 and I’ve only just tried it out. It was a good time to do it – we have a new oven, we had guests around, and it’s still the holiday season! So there. Surprisingly good, and so easy to make!

Will have to do this again – maybe hubs can take this to work. We can’t have this in the house – we’re already getting quite chubby and we must not succumb to sweet temptations such as this.

Semi-Dried Tomato and Basil Bread

We have had really bad weather here at the Capital for the past few days. Yesterday was absolutely yucky! It rained endlessly and we had gale force winds – I thought our roof would be picked up by the breeze! It’s still pretty yucky out there today, but the wind isn’t as bad (not howling anymore, like it did yesterday) but it’s still pretty chilly.

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Going Bananas

Because I bought 5 kg of over-ripe bananas, I tried out this new banana-recipe.

On my way to an appointment this afternoon, I walked past one of the dairies on Cuba Street and saw that they were selling over-ripe bananas for $2.99 per kg. Since I’ve been feeling a bit bleh, I decided to buy some so I can bake some banana cake at home – the type I used to bake way back in Manila.

So, I walked in and bought a bunch — and then decided to add another bunch … and since there were just a few forlorn bananas left, I said I’ll take the whole lot. So yeah, I ended up going home with a little over 5kgs of over-ripe bananas.  Sheesh!

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Chocolate Brunch Bars!

From churches to chocolates! Try your hand at making these yummy chocolate tidbits! I don’t know what they’re called, and I really don’t care. What matters is that these chocolate morsels are delicious!

We had cake club at work 2 mondays ago and the lady rostered for that day brought this absolutely SUMPTUOUS chocolate dessert. It had a somewhat crumby base and a delectable chocolate icing on top. I found myself getting 2nds and 3rds! It was so yummy, I simply had to get the recipe, and she, very generously, shared it with me.

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Chocolate Zucchini Bread

We have a weekly social activity at work called “Cake Club”. At Cake Club, one person from the department would bring in a baked treat for the whole team to share. It doesn’t matter if it was made from scratch or purchased from one of the many bake shops near the office – what matters is that the assigned person would bring something for everyone. We take turns and guess what, I’m up on Monday, 07 September.

The last time I was on Cake Club, I took the easy way out. I decided that I’d make everyone work for their baked goodies so, instead of baking brownies at home, I measured out all the dry ingredients, put them all in plastic bags (I made enough for everyone) and on the day itself, handed the plastic bags out and asked everyone to add water, oil, stir and pop in the microwave for 1 minute (or so). Voila … instant chocolate brownie in a mug topped with yummy ice cream. Anyway, I figured I should bake something this time around and found the perfect recipe while trawling through Facebook.

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