An Evening @ Arthur’s

Nestled at the top end of Cuba Street is a quaint little restaurant called Arthur’s. For those not in the know, Arthur’s is the more masculine equivalent of the very feminine Martha’s Pantry (which I wrote a short blog post on about a year – or two ago).  I have been to Arthur’s twice since I moved to Wellington and loved my experience there on both occasions. However, even though I keep telling myself to return and have a meal again, I never really got to it – at least not until this evening.

Arthurs on Cuba - from the outside looking in.
Arthurs on Cuba – from the outside looking in.

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Raiding Martha’s Pantry

One of the girls who used to work where I work dropped by to say hello this morning. Since it was close to 10:oo am, it was decided that we’d all have morning tea and a chinwag at the Laundromat (the cafe is actually called Laundry – must make a mental note to try out that place sometime soon) but they haven’t opened yet so we proceeded to the girly-50’s inspired cafe that is Martha’s Pantry which is located at the corner of Karo Drive and Cuba Street.

Delectable Delicacies on Offer
Delectable Delicacies on Display

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