Art Attack!

After a gazillion years, I am finally posting an update on MySoreFeet – and surprise surprise, it isn’t about a trip (local or international), it’s about a little journey of self-discovery. Ready to hear the long story? Here goes …

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Summer Orchid Show

Now that we’re more settled here in our new home, I now have more time to do the things that bring me joy – not that cleaning the house and tidying up makes me burst into tears ok? I enjoy doing those too, but not as much as appreciating flowers and taking photos of those lovely creations of God. So this morning, after doing a load of washing, I got in my trusty little car and drove off towards Highland Intermediate School to visit the Taranaki Orchid Society’s Summer Orchid Show. I wanted to go to the Spring Show (held in September 2018) but I was busy making our house into a home that the show weekend just slipped by without me even noticing it.

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Winter is Coming …

The final season of Game of Thrones will be released in April, which is not necessarily Winter here in the land down under the land down under, but fairly close to it. April is about the middle of Autumn and the temperatures would be dipping once again. So yeah, winter would be on its way by April and guess what, we’re ready for it.

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New Post – from a New City!

Mount Egmont from Stratford

Voila! Yes, I have moved yet again. I now live in New Plymouth and that photo above is the majestic Mount Taranaki. I took that lovely photo on my way up from Wellington. It was a glorious day when I drove up, the sun was out, the weather was warm and the mountain was not hiding behind clouds. II couldn’t resist. I just had to park the car on the side of the road and take a pic.

I’ve been here for over two weeks and I’m absolutely loving it. So I will soon be posting blogs about the places, events, activities and other things distinctly New Plymouth (and perhaps the other areas within the region).

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Have a wonderful day!


Crusaders vs Chiefs

The Crusaders (Canterbury Rugby Team) will be facing the Chiefs (Waikato Rugby Team) tonight as they vie for a semifinal slot in the 2017 Super Rugby Tournament. The team that wins tonight will face whoever wins in tomorrow’s game (Hurricanes vs the Lions). It’s going to be tough for me to choose a team because I like all three NZ teams (the Lions are from South Africa). Anyway, since the game is at Christchurch, here are a few unedited photos of Christchurch circa 2009 (pre-earthquake).

When Wellington Wiggled

Wellington decided to wiggle a bit more than usual on the first few minutes of Monday morning (14th November 2016).

It started off as slight trembling – which is a normal occurrence here in the Capital, so I didn’t think much of it. However the tremors didn’t stop after a few seconds. Instead it grew stronger – strong enough to rouse the Grizzly Bear from his slumber. We waited a bit longer but the movement didn’t abate – the intensity just grew stronger. And then the house started to sway. Side to side – slowly at first, and then it started to shake. I thought of doing the “drop cover and hold” maneuver but – I was in bed. I mean, do I  go out into the lounge while the house was doing the Macarena, just to go under a table? I stayed put, I couldn’t – not just because of the shaking, but more so because the Grizzly Bear threw himself on top of me (my hero).  The shaking lasted quite a while but the movement stopped, eventually. (we found out later that there were 2 earthquakes one after the other, which was why the shaking took so long). 

We survived. The house – which I kinda expected to just slide down the hill – is still on its feet, and the chimney hasn’t tumbled down. Nothing was broken; utilities (power, water and gas) weren’t disrupted; the bank behind us held up. All’s well. Even the cats are okay.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for parts of Kaikoura (epicentre of the quake), parts of Christchurch and  most of Wellington CBD. Work was suspended later that day as engineers examined the buildings in Wellington Central, and emergency services cleared debris which consisted mostly of broken glass. Trains and buses were cancelled as well – they had to check on the train tracks and power lines weren’t damaged too much by the quake. Furthermore, there were several aftershocks that day – from 4.5 to 6M in intensity.

To make matters more interesting, the forecast for Monday evening was rain with gale force winds (up to 140 kph). This on top of a month’s worth of rain (about 88 mm) dumped on the Capital on Saturday.

It’s now Tuesday and I’m now back at work. Thankfully, the forecast of Gale Force Winds didn’t eventuate, but we are getting inundated by so much rain, and it appears it will be like this for the rest of the week.

Walking up Cuba Street from Manners Street, a lot of the department / clothing stores have remained shut – obviously waiting for the “go-signal” from city engineers. Meanwhile, their mannequins and other displays are strewn across the floor. I was tempted to take photos of the “damage” but realised, there are already too many photos of devastation (not just because of the quake) and unhappy occurrences in existence, I just didn’t feel right about adding any more to it. So I walked on, and decided that I will focus on finding beauty in the world around me.

Yes, the world needs to know that “bad things” happen, but I think a lot of people already share this around. There are photojournalists who go to war torn areas and send back photos of casualties of war, or those who document poverty and oppression. However, I think there aren’t enough photos depicting the simple beauty of life and of living. I’m not referring to photos that show amazing sunsets and fabulous scenery here – I’m talking about capturing the beauty in the mundane. And that’ll be my focus.