Winter is Coming …

The final season of Game of Thrones will be released in April, which is not necessarily Winter here in the land down under the land down under, but fairly close to it. April is about the middle of Autumn and the temperatures would be dipping once again. So yeah, winter would be on its way by April and guess what, we’re ready for it.

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New Post – from a New City!

Mount Egmont from Stratford

Voila! Yes, I have moved yet again. I now live in New Plymouth and that photo above is the majestic Mount Taranaki. I took that lovely photo on my way up from Wellington. It was a glorious day when I drove up, the sun was out, the weather was warm and the mountain was not hiding behind clouds. II couldn’t resist. I just had to park the car on the side of the road and take a pic.

I’ve been here for over two weeks and I’m absolutely loving it. So I will soon be posting blogs about the places, events, activities and other things distinctly New Plymouth (and perhaps the other areas within the region).

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Have a wonderful day!


My Travel Diary


While tidying up my corner at home, I saw this little black notebook lying amongst the mess. It’s my travel notebook – my only one, I think. I used it extensively when I went to China way back in 2008. I opened it up and read what I had written – it was hilarious! Everything! Most of my entries were written in taglish (a mixture of Filipino and English) but I suppose my writing style reflected my way of thinking back then. Not filtered, and just as raw as it could ever be. Anyway I think, if ever I get to travel again, I’ll make sure I have a travel diary with me and … I will write down everything at the end of the day. It’s more fun that way. 🙂

Vroom vroom …

Definitely toys for the big boys. 🙂

A&P, the couple whose wedding photos I took about a year ago, were in Windy Wellington for a flying visit this weekend (7-9 April). They arrived on Thursday night to a typical Wellington Welcome (the usual .. wobbly plane due to strong winds), did their thing on Friday, and then on Saturday … we went to the Southward Car Museum near Otaihanga. I’ve heard of this place, but I haven’t been so I was pretty excited about going.

We drove on SH1 for about an hour and turned off towards Otaihanga and then made a hard left to enter the museum compound and I was quite surprised at the size of the compound. The parking lot was quite huge and the building itself looked quite imposing. We parked the car, rocked up and paid the $17.00 admission fee (price per adult as at 2016, may change without prior notice) and proceeded to the main galleries to admire this world class collection of cars, not just from New Zealand but from all over the world.

Here are a few of the vehicles that caught my eye:

But it’s not all cars … there were planes, a couple of boats, a section that showed a lot of miniature toy cars, motorbikes, push bikes, and even a little room devoted to sewing machines and other household appliances.

Sewing Machine and TV Room

It’s really worth the trip (and the admission fee) so if you’re in Wellington include the Southward Car Museum in the list of places you must visit.


“West Wind” wind farm

Windmills @ Makara
Windmills @ Makara

Yesterday was Photo-walk day and we, myself and a few others from the Photography Club I’m a member of, went to Makara for half-a-day of fun in the sun. Our first stop was the Makara Wind Farm which is just a few minutes drive from Johnsonville. Also called the West Wind, Makara is home to 62 wind turbines, and is one of three wind farms Meridian Energy has built in and around New Zealand. The wind farm generates 142.6 megawatts of electricity!

After parking our cars at the parking area, we immediately started pointing our cameras at everything and anything. Some of the guys we were with took photos of the old post office, the viewing deck, heavy machinery parked near the turbines, among others. Because I’m a boring fart – I took photos of the turbines (how exciting!). Here are my images:

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Impromptu Egg Hunt

Since the fickle winds of Wellington were in a good mood today, they decided to spare the city polar ice blasts and gale force winds. Instead, the sun was up in the sky sans clouds, the Capital was comfortably warm. I took advantage of the glorious weather and went out for a quick run up and down the waterfront (my favourite place to run, simply because it’s flat). Since I work at the top end of Cuba Street, I had to walk towards Frank Kitts. It was during this short walk that I chanced upon a big easter egg! I was like … “what on earth?!”. I thought it was a one off art installation (Wellington’s like that, you know), but apparently it’s not. Several eggs were strategically placed in and around the city for The Big Egg Hunt.

Sponsored by Whittakers (my favourite chocolate brand – EVER!), these massive eggs were decorated by 70 volunteers and 100 of these giant eggs have been scattered around New Zealand (in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) thus kick starting a nation-wide egg hunt! Whee! So, after my run, I got my bag from work and took photos of the eggs I found on my way to the train station. I found 13 and I even veered off my usual path just to search for these eggs. Here are my 13 eggs.

I might just go around over the weekend to search for the other eggs. 🙂