Seton Nossiter Park Falls

Went on an impromptu photo walk a few weeks back. Dave, one of the guys from the Photography Club I’m a member of said there’s a small waterfalls a few steps from his house. He wanted to show it to us and also … he wanted to use his new ND100 filter. So … we (myself, Dave and 3 more members of the photography club) went and – after huffing and puffing down a hill (or two) we reached our destination and took photos! And here are some of mine. 🙂


Tall Ships!

Last Friday, I took the 9:00 pm flight up to Auckland so I could spend the long weekend with family. Unfortunately, due to the strong winds that is typical of Wellington, my flight was delayed and the plane left the Capital at about 10:30-ish. I got in at about 11:30 and went to bed at about midnight. MEH! I think I will start taking the earlier flight out of Wellington – at least if the flight gets delayed, I won’t be arriving at midnight and be a nuisance to my wonderful rellies.

Anyway, en route to Auckland, I whiled away the time by flipping through Air New Zealand’s in flight magazine, Kia Ora. And this was where I found out about the Tall Ships Festival at the Auckland Harbour which ran over the long weekend.

On Saturday, after running errands for mum, I was able to ask Ms. Kaladkarin to go to the Auckland Harbour so we could have a nosey. Unfortunately, since we arrived at about mid-day, the queues to get on the ships were already crazy long. We didn’t have time to kill so we did what we do best, we took photos – for posterity. 🙂

They should have held this on September, because apparently, 19th September is “Talk Like A  Pirate Day“.

Have a g’nightfall all ye pirates!*

*funny translation from Post Like A Pirate

So today …

i did this!

Well, I didn’t purposely set out to go shopping – it all just, kinda happened when I got there. You see, the Photography Club was invited to a special selling evening at the Wellington Photographic Supplies on Victoria Street. Since I had RSVP’d, and since it was just a 10 minute walk from where I work, I decided I might as well have a nosey – even if Wellington was being hammered by 150 k/h winds (seriously! it’s a challenge to remain upright and walk in a straight line!).

Anyway, I was supposed to get a camera bag. My sister gave me one – but it’s somewhat slightly big and heavy for my needs. It’s a great bag, but just heavy. They had heaps and heaps of options, but I just couldn’t find one that beckoned to me. I opted to leave that for another day – there’s no rush to get a bag anyway – after all,  I’m not going on my holiday until 2014. I did, however, get an extra battery for my camera – and 2 x 16GB Extreme Sandisk Memory Cards. I actually have been meaning to buy these but I just keep putting it off.  I would always find a reason to not purchase them – even though I know deep in my heart that they really are worth the “investment”. Since they were giving the club a special price (valid only for that night) I decided to just go for it.

Somehow, those small purchases seemed to have sparked a renewed interest in photography! I’m kinda excited to use start taking pictures again – even if it’s just to see if 16GB Extreme Memory Cards really do make a difference in the processing of images. I’ve even cleaned my lenses! OMG!

So yeah – I’m now looking forward to using my cameras (yes, I have several: a point and shoot, a hybrid, and my big bazooka!) again. I had originally thought of leaving the big bazooka here next weekend – but I think I will take it with me when I go up to Auckland. Who would have thought that a few simple purchases would reawaken my passion for this craft. Heehee – I suppose I can now say, “you can now expect more pictures from me!” –  Hahahaha!

I shall go now – the wind is lulling me to sleep. We’ve had seriously strong winds today. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was extremely difficult to remain upright and walk in a straight line. Here is an article (with pics) from the Dominion Post. It’s really quite scary. I’m hoping the wind eases up tonight. The Capital’s received so much wrath from Mother Nature lately (drought, storms, earthquakes) – I think we deserve a break. AND, I think I should end my post on a high note! Lookie all the vintage cameras! They were on display at the shop. Aren’t they just adorable?

Old cameras, photo taken through a glass partition.

 Good night!!

Home for a Holiday

This time next week, I’ll be up north, ready to start a week-long break at the Mighty Waikato. The original plan was for me to go to Hawaii but that fizzled out so I considered booking a flight to Rarotonga instead. Somehow that didn’t materialise so I thought maybe I should head off to Norfolk Island … but a friend said that Norfolk Island is ideal for newly-weds or nearly-dead. Hmpft. I’m neither so … I finally ended up in Huntly. From Hawaii to Huntly – that’s a bit of a “dive”, isn’t it? Heeheehee!

Welcome to the Waikato!
Welcome to the Waikato!

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Live Music @ Cuba Street

I was in town last night – whoohoo! That’s a first, I know! But seriously, I was in town yesterday because I was supposed to have dinner with a few members of the photography club I belong to. However, due to inclement weather (and, to some extent, the Super XV match between the Crusaders and the Reds) we had several cancellations so – the dinner was postponed to another day. Anyway, I figured, since I was already in the city I might as well go and have dinner – even if I were on my own (no harm in that).

So, since I really am not too fond of the restaurants on Courtney Place, I headed off to my favourite street in the whole of Wellington – CUBA STREET! That area is just lined with restaurants and cafes, I was sure one would tickle my fancy (and have prices that were well within my budget). Was fortunate enough to find a free park and meandered down towards Cuba Mall. It was while I was searching for a feed when I chanced upon this busker.

A busker with a piano?!
A busker with a piano?!

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Welly’s Little Visitor

Hullo! I'm awake now.
Hullo! I’m awake now.

I’ve been in Wellington for well over a year and yet, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a seal on the waterfront! It really must have been cold in the Capital. Actually, I first saw him yesterday. I saw a group of people gathered by the waterfront so, being curious, I went to see what the commotion was all about and voila! Sleeping seal. I took a couple of pictures yesterday and today, I saw him there again. Still on the same rock, still dozing. I think I sat there for a good 10 minutes, waiting for him to wake up – and when he did, he spent most of his time scratching and stretching.

UPDATE 18.07.2013: Silly sleepy seal was there again. I have a funny feeling he’s enjoying the attention he’s getting from the crowd.