The Rabbit … An Unexpected Journey

Last month, on the 25th of May, I called in sick due to the sniffles (which is still bugging me 2 1/2 weeks later). While I was snuggled up like a bug in bed, hoping for the sniffles to disappear, my mobile phone rang. It was a private number and I immediately knew that it was Westpac. You see, I just changed banks a few weeks back and the only “Private Number” calls I receive are from Westpac. I picked up the phone, silently wondering if I had forgotten to sign papers and needed to pop in a branch immediately to sort things out. I was relieved when it was not KW (the lady I usually deal with), but … someone else. Our conversation went something like this …

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Christchurch and The Cardboard Cathedral

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I last posted something here. It’s not that I haven’t been travelling (well, I haven’t been on any long-distance trips but I have been going in and around Wellington), it’s just that I’ve been crazy busy! So many things have happened in the last 3 months – but I won’t be going into those bits – it’s just been crazy. Happy crazy – but crazy just the same. ūüôā

Anyway – sometime in October, the whole clan flew down to the South Island for a much needed holiday. It was originally meant to be a week-long get-away to celebrate my mum’s 65th birthday, and for all of us to be able to put our feet up and just enjoy the beauty that is distinctly The South Island.

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Skippers Canyon

Remember the workshop I went to in 2012? I mentioned it briefly in my entry “The Colours of Queenstown” – well, the photos on that post weren’t from the workshop itself. Those images were taken at the Queenstown Botanic Gardens and I think Jackie had time to spare so, while waiting, she showed me various ways to use my camera. The actual workshop was held at Skippers Canyon.

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The Colours of Queenstown

Two years ago,¬†sometime in April 2012, I attended a¬†photography workshop at¬†Queenstown (obviously one of my most favourite places here in New Zealand) and though¬†I¬†was initially concerned about the costs it involved – at the end of the workshop, I felt that it was the 4 hour session was well¬†worth¬†the expense.¬†I learned a lot¬†(whether or not I’ve put my knowledge to good use is another question¬†altogether) … Continue reading The Colours of Queenstown

Amazing Arrowtown

YUZH! I’ve finally managed to find the time to write about something. I had meant to blog about Arrowtown last Wednesday but, for some reason, the temperature dropped and all of a sudden, it became too cold for my body to function. I had all these ideas going through my head but my feet and fingers just wanted to feel the warmth of my electric blanket. It’s really quite chilly – it’s much colder now than this time last year. Brrr ….

Anyway … Arrowtown. On the first day of my second South Island Sojourn (the first was in 2008), after dumping my stuff at The Base, I headed off to Arrowtown to witness their Autumn Festival. I seriously didn’t know this was going to be held on the week I would be in town. I found out about all about it some time before I had to fly off. I think I did a Google search on Arrowtown (I think I was looking for someplace to eat) and the Arrowtown Autumn Festival came up.

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