Last import from my old blog. After this is done, I’m going to delete that one and just focus on this. Since I’m migrating the text from another site and attempting (take note, the operative word here is ATTEMPTING) to consolidate all my accounts, some of the links may no longer work, so don’t click on anything – well, you can but it might lead you to a dead link.

Anyway, here’s the post on Queenstown. Ms. Kaladkarin and I visited this lovely place in December 2008  when we had that South Island Sojourn. Queenstown’s absolutely amazing during the Summer, it must be even more so during Winter. I hope to be able to visit Queenstown mid-year, when the Remarkables are covered in snow. We were supposed to go there last June (and again in September) but on both instances, circumstances prevented us from travelling. Oh well, perhaps I’ll have my chance again in 2012…

Welcome to Queenstown

On Boxing Day, my friend and I (for all intents and purposes, I shall call her Travel Companion or ‘TC’) went to Queenstown, at the South Island of New Zealand, for a much needed Christmas Break. After a whole year of backbreaking labour, we felt that we deserved to hie off somewhere and just relax. Since Air New Zealand fares for that period were way beyond our meager budget, we decided to skip the NZ’s national carrier and ride the Kangaroo (Qantas) instead.

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Hah! Who would have thought that barely a month after I flew back in from the South Island, I’d actually fly out again for a weekend getaway? I didn’t think I’d be going anywhere for the next who knows how long since I had kinda used up my savings but Air New Zealand came up with this amazing weekend package that was simply too delicious to resist.

Imagine this: 2 round trip airplane tickets from Auckland to Dunedin; accommodation for 2 nights at Living Space Dunedin, free parking at the Auckland Domestic Carpark, and free Speights Brewery tour for 2 all for just $219.00 (all inclusive and per person)! Who can resist that?!

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Meet the Marlborough (wo)Man…

(This is an old entry, which I’m moving from my previous MySoreFeet site to this one. I wrote this on February 2009 – almost a year ago. I miss riding horses – even though being on one gave me a massively sore bumbum.)

That’s me and my horse, well, our shadows actually.

Perhaps I should rename this blog “MySoreBum” instead of “MySoreFeet” because the things I did on the last two posts (this and the previous one) gave me sore bums! Hahaha! I was looking through the New Plymouth website and came across a Horse Trekking advertisement. When I read the words “Horse Trekking” all of a sudden, memories of my last horse trekking adventure just came flooding back!

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