Long Exposure @ Paraparaumu

My long-exposure filter kit arrived last week and I drove up to Paraparaumu (about 50 km north of Wellington) to get the parcel. Since I don’t really know how to use those gitchy-gadgets, my friend decided to spend a few hours with me so I would learn the ropes. We spent some time at a park in Otaihanga and then headed off to Paraparaumu Beach. … Continue reading Long Exposure @ Paraparaumu

Starry starry night … (fuzzy pictures alert)

Still on the subject of Makara … after we took photos of laser trails and light painted rocks, we pointed our lenses up to the sky and attempted to take photos of the stars. Apparently, Makara Beach (and that particularly secluded cove we were at) is one of the best locations for Star Photography primarily because it is away from the city thus, there’s very … Continue reading Starry starry night … (fuzzy pictures alert)

Twilight @ Makara Beach

“Twilight: the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere.” After spending almost four hours at the West Wind wind farm (aka Makara Wind Farm), we drove down to Makara Beach so we could have the club’s annual Makara Picnic. I wasn’t there last year so I didn’t know what … Continue reading Twilight @ Makara Beach

“West Wind” wind farm

Windmills @ Makara
Windmills @ Makara

Yesterday was Photo-walk day and we, myself and a few others from the Photography Club I’m a member of, went to Makara for half-a-day of fun in the sun. Our first stop was the Makara Wind Farm which is just a few minutes drive from Johnsonville. Also called the West Wind, Makara is home to 62 wind turbines, and is one of three wind farms Meridian Energy has built in and around New Zealand. The wind farm generates 142.6 megawatts of electricity!

After parking our cars at the parking area, we immediately started pointing our cameras at everything and anything. Some of the guys we were with took photos of the old post office, the viewing deck, heavy machinery parked near the turbines, among others. Because I’m a boring fart – I took photos of the turbines (how exciting!). Here are my images:

Continue reading ““West Wind” wind farm”