My Two Previous Weddings

The lovely wedding I attended in early August was not actually the 1st wedding I “covered”. In 2012, a good friend of mine asked if I could be the official unofficial photographer on her special day and, after reminding her that I haven’t done this before and asking her to swear that she won’t kill me if the photos weren’t amazing, I said yes. Mum (she was my 2nd photographer) and I drove up and documented the lovely beach wedding somewhere up at Northland. Here are some of the photos I took during the day.

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Babies … Lots of Babies!

I can still remember my very first “photography project”. I was still living in Hamilton then, and I was asked to take photos of a friend’s son. I obliged – so that I could practice and I think I managed to churn out a few good images. Nathan was a wee little darling and now, he’s nearly seven, enrolled in Kindergarten and is a big brother to Nykko. How time flies!

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To Have and To Hold …

On the weekend of 07 August, I flew up to Auckland to attend the wedding of a couple of close friends … erm … in the interest of privacy, let’s just call them A & P, and my photographic skills were put to the ultimate test. I wasn’t just a guest, I was also their official unofficial wedding photographer. CRIKEY!

I haven’t really taken my camera out, except for the odd occasion when I’d snap pictures of the moon or something, so I really felt so much pressure to perform well. I haven’t practiced in months and all of a sudden – boom! I’m thrust right smack in a maelstrom of events where every little detail, every smirk, twitch, smile – are important. All I can say is … HOMAYGAS!!! But, thankfully, I survived and have finished editing the photos I’ve taken. From almost a thousand digital files, I’ve managed to bring the numbers down to a little over 400, and in the end, 212 made the cut. Whew …

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