One Great Hike

Reposting this from my previous mysorefeet blog. Too bad I can’t import the comments made on this one. Oh well … such is life. Will be moving a few more travel stories over in the future.

Great! Just Great! I had a long ass narrative about my experience at the Great Wall and when I clicked Publish, I was redirected to the log in page. OMG! All my hard work just vanished into cyberspace. No matter what I do, I just could not retrieve the page with my text. As such, I think shall migrate to another provider. Bugger.

Anyway – briefly …

When I was in Beijing last October, I went on a 1-day hike of the Great Wall. We started off at Jinshanling and ended at Simatai (two provinces north east of Beijing). The whole trek was just a little over 10 kilometres, but it took me about 5 hours to navigate.

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Beijing … on foot

One cloudy Wednesday morning, my room mate (whom we shall call Mr. Lonely Planet) and I, armed with his Lonely Planet Guide to Beijing and a sense of adventure – threw caution to the wind and went off to explore the capital on foot. Our first stop was … STARBUCKS!!


Hahaha! Sorry but after 4 days of Chinese cuisine and continental food that still tasted slightly Chinese, we just had to get something familiar – something that reminded us of … well … home. So we popped in, had coffee and after our caffeine fix, continued on our trek. I didn’t really have an itinerary – I just went with the flow. Mr. Lonely Planet took the lead. He had his map, he had a list of attractions he wanted to visit – so he led the way.

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Peking Opera

One good thing about long weekends is that I am able to catch up on the things I need to do, like post process pictures and upload them onto my album. Like today, after almost 6 months, I have finally sorted out some photos taken from when I went to China. I have yet to organise the photos of the Summer Palace, Hanging Monastery, Yunggang Grottoes, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and the random photos of everyday life in China (plus, I need to sort out my stories too!). Tonight, I have finished my Peking Opera photos.

battle-sceneI watched the Peking Opera on Tuesday night. I was supposed to watch it on Monday but the Great Wall Hike just took so long and was too exhausting so I opted to cancel. I got to the backpackers a few minutes after the scheduled departure time and – even if I did manage to arrive on time, I would not have been able to enjoy the play because I’d be too darn tired. Good thing there was another play scheduled the following day. Although  I had a sore bum from riding the bike to and from the Beijing Olympic City the following day, the discomfort was tolerable so I went on ahead.

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