Broadbeach, Australia

Two weeks into February, while walking to my area, arms filled with folders and other work related documents, I was called into my boss’s office. So, I had to make a quick detour and, after settling down in one of the office chairs and carefully putting the folders on top of the small meeting table, I was asked, “how would you like to go to Australia?”.


Apparently, one of the guys who was supposed to go to Aussie had to pull out due to medical reasons. Since the registration for the conference has been paid, it would be best if someone else took his place instead of cancelling everything all together. SO … my whole schedule just went out of the window. Instead of having a week’s rest after my niece’s baptism (15th Feb) before I go on a “run” I’ve been preparing for (on the 22nd), I would have to fly out to Australia a day after I fly back in to Wellington, attend the conference, and fly back in 1 day before I would go on my 6.5 km run. Whew! Talk about Busy!

So anyway, yep – I went to Australia. Flew into Brisbane and drove to the Gold Coast. Since I was there for work, I didn’t have much time to see the sights – basically just the establishments that were walking distance from the conference venue. On the 2nd to the last day, however, we had a wee bit more free time on our hands so we were able to meander towards the sea and spent some time at Broadbeach.

It. Was. Amazing! Miles upon endless miles of white sand, teal blue waters set against a clear blue sky. I think I mentally kicked myself about a million times for not having enough foresight to bring swimming togs. I would have loved to have taken even a really really short swim.

Here are some pictures of Broadbeach.

missing melbourne

(moving time yet again. shifting this thing I wrote sometime early this year regarding my experience at the aussie open when i watched it with my twister and paparazzi partner. man, i miss stalking those players and hounding them for their autographs. i think that was the most fun part of the open. perhaps i would be able to watch again sometime in the future.)

Now that the 2009 Australian Open is just about to end, I suddenly realised that I miss Melbourne. I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch the Aussie Open in 2007 and that experience was totally unbelievable.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I watched the 2007 Australian Open with my younger sister (who we shall call Sisterhood). We flew in from Hamilton and had a brief stop over in Sydney. Mom suggested that we stay in Sydney for a few hours so we could see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. At first, Sisterhood and I were hesitant because we really wanted to be at the tennis grounds and watch the games but — well, we did stay a while in Sydney and did not regret doing that. I swear, the minute I laid my eyes on the Sydney Opera House, and then later on, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I just wanted to cry. It just felt so surreal. I mean, I’ve always heard about those and have seen them on film a couple of times (Finding Nemo) and I just never thought that I would be able to actually see both … Up Close! Those two structures were absolutely beautiful.Yes, I’m shallow like that.

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