missing melbourne

(moving time yet again. shifting this thing I wrote sometime early this year regarding my experience at the aussie open when i watched it with my twister and paparazzi partner. man, i miss stalking those players and hounding them for their autographs. i think that was the most fun part of the open. perhaps i would be able to watch again sometime in the future.)

Now that the 2009 Australian Open is just about to end, I suddenly realised that I miss Melbourne. I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch the Aussie Open in 2007 and that experience was totally unbelievable.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I watched the 2007 Australian Open with my younger sister (who we shall call Sisterhood). We flew in from Hamilton and had a brief stop over in Sydney. Mom suggested that we stay in Sydney for a few hours so we could see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. At first, Sisterhood and I were hesitant because we really wanted to be at the tennis grounds and watch the games but — well, we did stay a while in Sydney and did not regret doing that. I swear, the minute I laid my eyes on the Sydney Opera House, and then later on, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I just wanted to cry. It just felt so surreal. I mean, I’ve always heard about those and have seen them on film a couple of times (Finding Nemo) and I just never thought that I would be able to actually see both … Up Close! Those two structures were absolutely beautiful.Yes, I’m shallow like that.

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