Auf Wiedersehen Koeln.

I’m about head off to the Hauptbahnhof to board the train that would take me to my  next destination. I have mixed feelings about leaving Cologne – somehow, I feel like I’m leaving an old friend behind. It’s hard to explain – maybe because Cologne and I have some sort of history which is why, unlike when I left the other places I went to recently, I now feel … Continue reading Auf Wiedersehen Koeln.

Goodnight Amsterdam!

I know it’s way too early to say goodnight, especially since it’s only 7:00 pm here in Amsterdam, but I’m turning in early because I’m completely knackered! I’ve been getting up at 6:00 or 6:30 the past few days because I have to renew my locker rental (left my suitcase at the Amsterdam Train Station since I’ll be leaving from there soon anyway) before 7:30 … Continue reading Goodnight Amsterdam!

Hogwarts and Harry Potter

I’m still at Oxford and today’s a slow day for me/us. It’s been drizzling steadily since this morning (may have even started last night) and it’s just not “going out to see things” weather. We’re holed up indoors and later this evening, we might watch The Half Blood Prince, I think that’s the only Harry Potter film I wasn’t able to see. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading Hogwarts and Harry Potter