missing melbourne

(moving time yet again. shifting this thing I wrote sometime early this year regarding my experience at the aussie open when i watched it with my twister and paparazzi partner. man, i miss stalking those players and hounding them for their autographs. i think that was the most fun part of the open. perhaps i would be able to watch again sometime in the future.)

Now that the 2009 Australian Open is just about to end, I suddenly realised that I miss Melbourne. I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch the Aussie Open in 2007 and that experience was totally unbelievable.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I watched the 2007 Australian Open with my younger sister (who we shall call Sisterhood). We flew in from Hamilton and had a brief stop over in Sydney. Mom suggested that we stay in Sydney for a few hours so we could see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. At first, Sisterhood and I were hesitant because we really wanted to be at the tennis grounds and watch the games but — well, we did stay a while in Sydney and did not regret doing that. I swear, the minute I laid my eyes on the Sydney Opera House, and then later on, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I just wanted to cry. It just felt so surreal. I mean, I’ve always heard about those and have seen them on film a couple of times (Finding Nemo) and I just never thought that I would be able to actually see both … Up Close! Those two structures were absolutely beautiful.Yes, I’m shallow like that.

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Up, up and away …

(another old post from my previous sore feet blog. still moving some old texts while i’m trying to get my creative juices flowing. hopefully i’ll be inspired by jack nicholson and shelley duvall this weekend. i plan to blog while watching the shining on tvone. by the way, this was written in january 2009.)

After almost two years, I have finally crossed out one more item in my things-I-want-to-do-before-I-die list (or, simply put, my Bucket List). Actually, I really don’t have a list-LIST. I just make it up as I go along. Hehehehe.

Hamilton’s Balloon being deflated

Anyway, I woke up at the crack of dawn this White Rabbit Day of February (NZ Time, I have yet to figure out how to adjust the time and date settings on webs) because my much anticipated Balloon Ride was finally going to push through. I had to be at the Innes Commons at about 6:00 am because, according to Andrew (who we shall refer to as The Pilot), the best time to fly would be early morning when the breeze is not that strong yet and the wind speed is relatively stable. So, I had to drag my carcass out of the sofa (slept over at mum’s because she said she’ll take pictures of me going up in the air) at half past 5 and was driving to the Lake with mum at a bit before 6:00.

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The Bird’s Nest (and Beyond)

(Here’s another post I’m moving from my old site to this one. I’m off to the Coromandel, to see the Cathedral Cove, tomorrow. I hope to be able to write about this trip as well as the rest of the trips I have taken in the past – I’ve got a massive backlog already. I still need to write about Nelson, and Raglan and the other places I’ve been to)

Beijing’s Olympic Stadium

Last year, thanks to Air New Zealand’s Grab-a-Seat, I was able to get a really really cheap round trip airplane ticket (read: NZ$508.00 all in) to Beijing, China. So on the Friday before NZ’s Labour Day, I left Middle Earth to visit the land of the Imperial Dynasties.

The Tuesday after I arrived (and the day after I walked the Great Wall in Jinshanling and Simatai – worthy of another entry), with the insistence of my backpacker roommates, I braved the horrific Beijing traffic and pedalled my way northwards to the famed Olympic City. A visit to the Olympic City is a MUST considering the Great Games just finished a mere 3 months earlier. Better to visit the site before all the excitement, euphoria and the novelty wears off.

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Meet the Marlborough (wo)Man…

(This is an old entry, which I’m moving from my previous MySoreFeet site to this one. I wrote this on February 2009 – almost a year ago. I miss riding horses – even though being on one gave me a massively sore bumbum.)

That’s me and my horse, well, our shadows actually.

Perhaps I should rename this blog “MySoreBum” instead of “MySoreFeet” because the things I did on the last two posts (this and the previous one) gave me sore bums! Hahaha! I was looking through the New Plymouth website and came across a Horse Trekking advertisement. When I read the words “Horse Trekking” all of a sudden, memories of my last horse trekking adventure just came flooding back!

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One Great Hike

Reposting this from my previous mysorefeet blog. Too bad I can’t import the comments made on this one. Oh well … such is life. Will be moving a few more travel stories over in the future.

Great! Just Great! I had a long ass narrative about my experience at the Great Wall and when I clicked Publish, I was redirected to the log in page. OMG! All my hard work just vanished into cyberspace. No matter what I do, I just could not retrieve the page with my text. As such, I think shall migrate to another provider. Bugger.

Anyway – briefly …

When I was in Beijing last October, I went on a 1-day hike of the Great Wall. We started off at Jinshanling and ended at Simatai (two provinces north east of Beijing). The whole trek was just a little over 10 kilometres, but it took me about 5 hours to navigate.

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Fine & Funny Taupo

A few weeks before we officially welcomed the cold icy blasts of winter, mum and I drove down to Taupo, a small lake-side town about 2 hours South of Hamilton, for the weekend. We were to meet up with her partner, Mistah K (not related in any way to Ms. K) who was driving up from Levin, and then we’d all drive back up to Hamilton together the following day. We left on Saturday afternoon, just after we finished all our household chores and got to Taupo at about 8:00pm. Since it was late, we were tired (and hungry) and it was dark – we just opted to stay at the motor inn and rest. Little doggie and I commenced on our walking exploration of Taupo the following day.

Listed below are the things I thought were fine and funny about lovely Taupo.


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One hot night!


I was rostered to work as a Theatre Attendant (TA for short) last night and I had second thoughts about going primarily because I have not yet fully recovered from this horrible URTI (Upper Respiratory Track Infection, to the untrained eye) that I contracted sometime last week. I had planned on asking one of the girls to cover for me but, since I do need the moolaloo, I decided to go for it. I figured it’ll be okay because:

  1. I won’t be standing outdoors – we always work indoors,
  2. The theatre is usually nice and warm,
  3. I get to have my weekly dose of NZ culture (read: I may be able to sneak a peek while the show is ongoing).

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