Carrot & Walnut Cake

Finally, after 6 years!

I received the recipe for this Carrot and Walnut Cake on 11 December 2012 and I’ve only just tried it out. It was a good time to do it – we have a new oven, we had guests around, and it’s still the holiday season! So there. Surprisingly good, and so easy to make!

Will have to do this again – maybe hubs can take this to work. We can’t have this in the house – we’re already getting quite chubby and we must not succumb to sweet temptations such as this.


Winter is Coming …

The final season of Game of Thrones will be released in April, which is not necessarily Winter here in the land down under the land down under, but fairly close to it. April is about the middle of Autumn and the temperatures would be dipping once again. So yeah, winter would be on its way by April and guess what, we’re ready for it.

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New Post – from a New City!

Mount Egmont from Stratford

Voila! Yes, I have moved yet again. I now live in New Plymouth and that photo above is the majestic Mount Taranaki. I took that lovely photo on my way up from Wellington. It was a glorious day when I drove up, the sun was out, the weather was warm and the mountain was not hiding behind clouds. II couldn’t resist. I just had to park the car on the side of the road and take a pic.

I’ve been here for over two weeks and I’m absolutely loving it. So I will soon be posting blogs about the places, events, activities and other things distinctly New Plymouth (and perhaps the other areas within the region).

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Have a wonderful day!



I just realised, I have a “needlework” category on my blog, but have not posted anything under it. How totally bizarre! I haven’t written anything about my cross-stitching projects nor the new craft I’m trying to get in to – knitting! Let’s put an end to this now and start with Cross-Stitching.

To say that I like to cross-stitch is an understatement. I have been cross-stitching ever since I was at Uni. It was THE RAGE back then. Everyone was in to it and frankly, so was I. My first project was that of a Ballerina, like this one, except her dress was blue. Once that was done, I continued to cross-stitch a few more projects such as:

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So … basically, since my cross-pollination project turned out to be a dud, I’ve decided to forego that for now and just focus on making sure the plants I have do well. As you know I re-potted most of my African Violets about a month and a half ago (although I wrote about it on 21 January), well, I decided to re-pot some of them again today. I thought it was a good idea early this morning, on hindsight, I may have uprooted them too soon. I can’t do anything about that now, can I? I guess just have to wait and see if putting them into bigger pots did them more harm than good. Time will tell.

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Sunrise @ Sunrise Hut

Tramping Partner and I went on an overnight tramp recently (Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2018). We left Wellington at about 6am and reached our destination – the carpark at North Block Road in the Hawke’s Bay Area – at about 11:00. After a quick meal and a thorough double check of our packs, we headed off to the Hut.

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A Cross Pollination Project

So, as mentioned in my previous post, I have a lot of African Violets sitting on the kitchen window sill. I was chatting with them yesterday (yes, I talk to my plants, I’m cuckoo like that) when I thought about something someone mentioned to me when he/she (I can’t remember who said it, sorry) found out I was growing African Violet. Cross Pollination. I mulled about it for a bit and decided to give it a go.

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