Mmmmm …. Chocolates ….

A week and two years ago (September 2013), the photography club I’m a member of was asked to cover a 3-day Chocolate Festival at the Hotel Intercontinental in Wellington – and my goodness, it was such a delectable event! I don’t know how I managed to get through that weekend without stuffing my face silly with chocolates!

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Raiding Martha’s Pantry

One of the girls who used to work where I work dropped by to say hello this morning. Since it was close to 10:oo am, it was decided that we’d all have morning tea and a chinwag at the Laundromat (the cafe is actually called Laundry – must make a mental note to try out that place sometime soon) but they haven’t opened yet so we proceeded to the girly-50’s inspired cafe that is Martha’s Pantry which is located at the corner of Karo Drive and Cuba Street.

Delectable Delicacies on Offer
Delectable Delicacies on Display

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Friday Night @ the Capital

I spent a few hours at the Wellington Night Market again yesterday night – it’s become a habit of mine, really. After work, I meander towards the Left Bank on Cuba Mall and go straight towards the little stall that sells Filipino food and hang out with Nanay Girlie and Kuya Tony. I normally have dinner at their stall – for $9.00 I get to have garlic fried rice with two viands. However, last week, I told them that I’ll try the Indian Roti – as it came very highly recommended.

Making my Dinner
Making my Dinner

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