Skippers Canyon

Remember the workshop I went to in 2012? I mentioned it briefly in my entry “The Colours of Queenstown” – well, the photos on that post weren’t from the workshop itself. Those images were taken at the Queenstown Botanic Gardens and I think Jackie had time to spare so, while waiting, she showed me various ways to use my camera. The actual workshop was held at Skippers Canyon.

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The Colours of Queenstown

Two years ago, sometime in April 2012, I attended a photography workshop at Queenstown (obviously one of my most favourite places here in New Zealand) and though I was initially concerned about the costs it involved – at the end of the workshop, I felt that it was the 4 hour session was well worth the expense. I learned a lot (whether or not I’ve put my knowledge to good use is another question altogether) and it was a completely unforgettable experience. It just opened up a whole new realm of photography. I just saw Queenstown in a whole new different light (and colour palette).

autumn tree
autumn tree

You see, when someone mentions the word “Queenstown” what immediately pops into my mind are the colours white, blue and grey. White, because Queenstown’s known to be the Winter Capital of New Zealand; Blue because of Lake Wakatipu; and Grey because of The Remarkables. I certainly did not expect Queenstown to be awash with oranges, reds, yellows and greens! But yeah – those colours were there!

Jackie, from the QCCP, and I spent about an hour at the Queenstown Botanical Garden and we stayed rooted at one spot. Well – we did move around a bit, but we never strayed more than 5 metres from where we left our bags. From where we stood, Jackie would point out leaves, and trees and twigs – things I would have just ignored and showed me how to look at them, and helped me capture some of their glorious wonder. Would you believe that in that short span of time, we came up with these amazing images?

I couldn’t believe all this beauty was just there – waiting to be seen! I was like … o_O

So anyway, I’m going on another workshop in about a month’s time – still on landscape photography but we’ll go around Wellington instead. Yes, there’s going to be some costs involved but I’ll just close my eyes and go for it – I’ve decided to go for gold. It may set me back a few Ds but I know I will learn heaps (you can’t quantify learning anyway) and will put into practice all that they will teach. If I want to improve on my photography I have to do something about it, right? See. Me. Soar!

Here’s to capturing better images creating amazing photographs.