Arrivederci, Venezia!

Whee! I'm on a real Gondola!
Whee! I’m on a real Gondola!

I normally compose my entry about the last place I’ve visited on the last night I’m there, but because the situation in Venice was different from my previous trips, I’m writing this the day after I’ve left the city of canals. You see, I left Basel at 12:35 pm and endured a 7 hour train ride to Venezia Sta Lucia (includes train change in Milan, and another one at Venezia Mestre – where I missed my train, luckily, trains to Sta Lucia come regularly). I arrived in Venice at about 8:30 pm (see above) – I just had enough time to dump my things at the hostel (I a very grateful for Carolina for going out of her way to pick me up at the Rialto Station, even if it’s after work – so I wouldn’t get lost), grab a bite to eat and then promptly collapsed into dreamland.

The went on my “Explore Venice” project on the next day and half, and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. The place really is wonderful. There are so many streets and alleys – and it’s all so charming. You really do need a map though – I can’t remember how many wrong turns I’ve made before I decided to get a map from one of the street vendors so I’d find my way out of their intricate maze of walkways (and even with the map, I’d still get lost – and to think my sense of direction is pretty much spot-on).  I got on a boat to Murano (got on the boat going on the opposite direction so I inadvertently got a tiki-tour of Venice before going to Murano), I went to St. Marks Square and, obviously, got on a little Gondola. I had a great time – I got sunburnt even more though – and lost about half of my body weight through perspiration. I swear it was SCORCHING!

Here are some photos taken between 8:30 pm on Monday, 9th June, until about 5:00 pm on Wednesday, 11th June.  🙂

I left Venice on Wednesday (11th June) on the 7:20pm overnight train for my 7th and final stop in this overseas adventure. I’ll relay my *ehem* ordeal in the overnight train in another post – this is just for Venice. 🙂